Thoma Build Guide (Shield Support and DPS)

Thoma Build Guide
Thoma Build Guide

Thoma is new shield focused character from Inazuma. He wield polearm and using pyro vision.


Blazing Blessing Skill Attributes
Blazing Blessing Skill Attributes

With his Elemental Skill: Blazing Blessing. Thoma will delivers flying kick that deals AoE Pyro DMG while also summoning Blazing Barrier, pyro shield which scales off Thoma max HP. This skill have 8s duration and 15s CD.

Crimson Ooyoroi Skill Attributes
Crimson Ooyoroi Skill Attributes

Thoma Elemental Burst: Crimson Ooyoroi will deal AoE Pyro DMG and summon Scorching Ooyoroi and Blazing Barrier. During this duration, active character Normal Attacks will trigger flame burst called Fiery Collapse every 1s. Thoma elemental burst have 80 energy cost and 20s CD.

Flaming Assault Talent Info
Flaming Assault Talent Info

Thoma passive talent: Flaming Assault will increase DMG dealt by Crimson Ooyoroi Fiery Collapse by 2.2% of Thoma max HP.

Is Thoma Viable as DPS?

No one will stop you if you want to build Thoma as DPS, though honestly it won’t be as good as other character because his DPS windows only happen during his burst when his Normal Attack infused with Fiery Collapse which have low multiplier (check screenshot above).

Fiery Collapse also happen every 1s so not every hit will trigger this effect.

His best build would be shield and elemental reaction support with his shield from elemental skill and burst.


Thoma have high energy cost and his shield scales off max HP, so for weapon with Energy Recharge or HP from substats or passive is the best for him.

5Star Staff Of HomaStaff of Homa5Star Vortex VanquisherVortex Vanquisher
Engulfing Lightning PolearmEngulfing Lightning5Star Skyward SpineSkyward Spine

Starting with expensive 5 star option, Staff of Homa will increase Thoma HP by 20% and Vortex Vanquisher can increase Thoma shield strength by 20/25/30/35/40% depend on refinement level.

Both Engulfing Lightning and Skyward Spine have Energy Recharge substats which helps a lot considering Thoma elemental burst have 80 energy cost.

For cheaper 4 star option your first choice and most recommended is The Catch, f2p polearm which can be obtained from Fishing system and easy to refine. This polearm have Energy Recharge substats and it’s passive will increase Elemental Burst DMG and CRIT Rate.

4Star Favonious Lance
Favonius Lance
4 Star Polearm Prototype Starglitter
Prototype Starglitter

Other option is Favonius Lance which have effect to generate a small amount of elemental particles for faster energy recharge and Prototype Starglitter from blacksmith forging.


If you insist to play Thoma as DPS, your first choice would be 2 Crimson Witch of Flames + 2 Noblesse Oblige. 2 Crimson will boost Thoma Pyro DMG by 15% while 2 Noblesse will increase his Elemental Burst DMG by 20%.

Your second option as burst or DPS is 4 Emblem of Severed Fate. 2 set will give Thoma 20% more Energy recharge, and 4 set will increase his elemental burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge (max 75%).

4 Noblesse Oblige Set Bonus
4 Noblesse Oblige Set Bonus

If you want to go all out using Thoma as support, it’s recommended to use 4 Noblesse Oblige.

2 set will increase Thoma Elemental Burst DMG by 20% and it’s 4 set will increase all party members ATK by 20% for 12s when Thoma using elemental burst.

2 Tenacity of the Millelith + 2 Emblem of Severed Fate Set Bonus
2 Tenacity of the Millelith + 2 Emblem of Severed Fate Set Bonus

Another option is balanced set of 2 Tenacity of the Millelith + 2 Emblem of Severed Fate. 2 Millelith will increase Thoma HP by 20% and 2 Emblem will increase his Energy Recharge by 20%.

Artifact Stats

For DPS build (not recommended), go with usual Pyro DMG% for goblet and CRIT DMG/CRIT Rate% for circlet. For Sand, if you have enough ER you can go for HP% but if you have low ER it’s recommended to use Energy Recharge%.

HP%/Energy Recharge%Pyro DMG Bonus%CRIT Rate%/CRIT DMG%
CRIT Rate% > CRIT DMG% > HP% > Energy Recharge% > HP flat

For shield and support build (recommended) you can go all out with HP%.

Sand Goblet Circlet
HP% > Energy Recharge% > HP flat > CRIT Rate% > CRIT DMG%