Genshin Impact 1.4 Invitation of Windblume Content Preview

Today Genshin Impact Official just released new details regarding upcoming 1.4 update. This new updates are packed with a lot of content, event full with primogems, new banner, new weapon, etc.

Here’s all information that genshin db can find in the official preview page:

Venti and Childe Rerun Banner + New Character Rosaria

New Character Thorny Benevolence Rosaria
New Character Thorny Benevolence Rosaria

As mentioned in trailer before, we will have Venti and Childe rerun banner in the new 1.4 update. Venti banner will appear first for maybe 2 weeks and then replaced with Childe banner which also featuring our mysterious Cryo Nun: Thorny Benevolence, Rosaria. You can find more details about 3 characters in the upcoming banner below:

4 Minigames in The Windblume Festival With A Lot of Rewards

Windblume Festival Rewards
Windblume Festival Rewards

We will have a 4 mini games available in the upcoming update:

  • Bullseye Ballons: Shoot floating balloons to gain points, but be careful because hitting wrong ballons will deduct your points.
  • Floral Freefal: Similiar with previous gliding event but much more difficult. We will emphasize more on Falling than Gliding. Glide and fall, collects floating flowers and gain points. More points will be gained if you can finish the game faster.
  • Ballads of Breeze: It’s rythm game, press the circles in the screen with proper timing. There’s 3 difficulty available.
  • Shimmering Path: Kind of Fall Guys event, run around the blocks and collect flowers on your way. Be careful on your step, the blocks can fall suddenly.

From these events, we will obtain 2 new gadgets: Windbloom Festival Commemorative baloon and Windsong Lyre. There’s no details about Windbloom Festival Commemorative Baloon. But as for Windsong Lyre, players can use it to play music in the game. Also can be used in co op mode so players can play music together with a friend.

By participating in the festival player will also get new weapon, Windblume Ode which can be refined up to refinement rank 5.

New Weapon Release

From weapon banner part, we will get 4 new weapons available: 1 StarsStarsStarsStarsStars(5 star) weapon and 3 StarsStarsStarsStars(4 star) star weapon:

Bow Elegy For The EndElegy For The End Sword Alley FlashThe Alley Flash Catalyst Wine And SongWine and Song Bow Alley HunterAlley Hunter

Other Events

Tiktok Video Event And Community Photo Event
Tiktok Video Event And Community Photo Event
  • Tiktok Video Shorts Event: Publish your short vide creations for a chance to win a cash prize. Event duration starting from March 18 – April 7.
  • Community Photo Event: Join the #GenshinImpact #WindblumeSnapshots photography events to win Primogems. Event duration starting from March 22 – March 29.