Mihoyo Release Hu Tao Character Teaser, Hint for Upcoming Banner?

We only have few days until current Keqing banner ended and replaced with new banner. And with yesterday update from Mihoyo, Genshin Impact player now have much better idea about who will be released in the new upcoming banner.

Hu Tao Character Teaser
Hu Tao Character Teaser

It’s Hu Tao, young director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and that’s make her Zhongli boss. Rumour about her as newly released character jas been appear since January, and even expected to be released after Xiao banner. Though in the end, it’s turned out to be Keqing character banner.

But just yesterday Mihoyo official release a new trailer of Hu Tao, titled Character Teaser – “Hu Tao: Scared Yet?

Hu Tao rumored to be Pyro polearm user and based on video leaks since january, she will have abilities to sacrifice his health to increase her DMG. With that leak, we can speculate that Staff of Homa is really weapon for her. Considering that Staff of Homa effect is ATK bonus based on wielder max HP and more ATK bonus when wielder HP below 50%.

Although Genshin Impact official hasn’t officialy confirmed her as new character banner, we have enough hint that may lead to that. Let’s patiently wait, and prepare your credit card and life savings primogems for her.