New Character Demo: “Rosaria: No Overtime, Ever”

Rosaria Thorny Benevolence New Cryo Polearm Character
Rosaria: Thorny Benevolence, New Cryo Polearm Character

Mihoyo just released new demo for new upcoming character: Rosaria.

Rosaria is the new incoming character that has been confirmed to appear next week after Venti banner. The mysterious nun will have rate up along with 5 star character, Tartaglia.

Just like Barbara, Rosaria also affiliated with Church of Favonius in Mondstadt. We first time encounter Rosaria during Dragonspine main quest although there was no combat involved, just character introduction.

More or less we already got a hint about Rosaria whether it’s from leaks or from Genshin 1.4 Update preview. But now we got more demonstration about her character from video below:

Best Artifact for Rosaria?

There’s already a lot speculation in the community about how player will utilize this new cryo polearm user. For artifact since Rosaria is cryo then the first option will be ice artifact Blizzard Strayer 4 set or 2 set combined with other artifact set such as Gladiator’s Finale for 18% ATK bonus.

If player gonna prioritize elemental burst over other attack, then 2 set Noblesse Oblige will be the best alternative. By watching Rosaria character demo, her normal attack are quite fast so that’s also make Physical build with 2 set Bloodstained Chvalry as viable option.

Best Weapon for Rosaria?

5 star polearms is out of question because I can say that all of 5 star polearms is a good weapon. As for 4 star weapon, Crescent Pike and meme Dragonspine Spear is the most talked weapon for Rosaria in the community. Both are craftable as long as you have Northlander Polearm Billet which dropped from weekly bosses if you are lucky.

Other than 2 craftable weapon, there’s Deatchmatch polearm from premium Battlepass with it’s CRIT Rate substats which always good for any polearm user.

So, which one is the best for Rosaria? Can’t really give answer for this, let’s wait until her release day. Luckily she’s 4 star character so it shouldn’t be too hard to get her.

Good luck to all player who want to bring her home.