A Realm Beyond: Series I

Achievement: A Realm Beyond: Series I
Achievement: A Realm Beyond: Series I

A Realm Beyond: Series I contains all achievements related to basic of Serenitea Pot escpecially the one related to trust rank,adeptal energy,wood gathering, etc. There’s 25 achievements available and after completing all 25 achievement, player can claim achievement: Tea Time namecard as reward.


1Realm Sans FrontièresUse the Serenitea Pot to enter your realm. 5
2,3,4High Adeptal Energy Readings AheadReach 20,000 Adeptal Energy in 1/2/3 realm layout.5/10/20
5,6,7Friend of the RealmReach Trust Rank 4/7/10 with the teapot spirit.5/10/20
8,9,10T—T—T—TimberhochwandiObtain 100/600/2000 pieces of wood.5/10/20
11,12,13If I Were a Rich ManObtain 2000/10000/50000 realm currency.5/10/20
14,15,16Not Just a Small BenchCreate 120/300/600 furnishings.5/10/20
17,18,19Color It InCreate 50/200/600 dyes.5/10/20
20,21,22Precision ModelingLearn 60/120/180 furnishing blueprints.5/10/20
23,24,25My… TerritoryPlace 50/150/300 furnishings in a single realm layout.5/10/20


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 285.

Achievement Namecard: Tea Time
Achievement Namecard: Tea Time