Genshin Impact Tier List 2.4

This Genshin Impact Tier List compares all characters of Genshin Impact one to another, assuming the characters have optimal weapon, talents, and artifacts set. This tier list created based on CN player Usagi Sensei tier list and when new character released, this tier list will be updated.

Genshin 2.4 Tier List from usagi sensei this time showing information after Shenhe and Yun Jin release. Both character released as support character although honestly many player will still forced them to be dps. Both wielding polearm with Shenhe using Cryo vision and Yun Jin using Geo vision.


January 9 2022: Update after Shenhe and Yun Jin release (2.4) – source

December 28 2021: Update after Arataki Itto and Gorou release (2.3)

November 05 2021: Update after Thoma and Aloy release (2.2)

September 27 2021: Update after Sangonomiya Kokomi release (2.1)

September 05 2021: Update after Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara release (2.1)

August 02 2021: Update after Ayaka and Yoimiya release (2.0)

July 03 2021: Update after Kazuha release (1.6)

May 23 2021: Update after Eula and Yanfei release (1.5)

April 15 2021: Update after Rosaria release (1.4)

March 07 2021: Update after Hu Tao release (1.3)

January 13 2021: Update after Ganyu and Albedo release (1.2)

December 03 2021: Update after Zhongli release (1.1)

November 10 2021: Initial tier list release (1.0)

Main DPS Tier List

Tier 0
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun (C2)Hu TaoHu Tao (C1)Kamisato Ayaka - Genshin ImpactAyaka (C0)GanyuGanyu (C0)  
Tier 1
Character EulaEula (C0) Itto (C0)XiaoXiao (C0)Character TartagliaTartaglia (C0)Character YoimiyaYoimiya (C0) 
Tier 2
Character KleeKlee (C0)DilucDiluc (C0)Character YanfeiYanfei (C1)Character NingguangNingguang (C1)Character NoelleNoelle (C6) 
Tier 3
Character KeqingKeqing (C0)Character RazorRazor (C4)FischlFischl (C6)Character SucroseSucrose (C6)BeidouBeidou (C4) 
Tier 4
Character XinyanXinyan (C1)Character RosariaRosaria (C1)Character XianglingXiangling (C2)   

Sub DPS Tier List

Tier 0
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun (C2)Xingqiu Xingqiu (C6)Character XianglingXiangling (C4)   
Tier 1
Kaedehara KazuhaKazuha (C0)AlbedoAlbedo (C0)Character VentiVenti (C0)Character TartagliaTartaglia (C0)Character MonaMona (C0)Kamisato Ayaka - Genshin ImpactAyaka (C0)
GanyuGanyu (C0)     
Tier 2
Character ZhongliZhongli (C0)Sangonomiya Kokomi Kokomi (C0)BeidouBeidou (C2)FischlFischl (C6)Character JeanJean (C0)ChongyunChongyun (C0)
Tier 3
Character NingguangNingguang (C2)Characters Kujou SaraKujou Sara (C2)Character KaeyaKaeya (C2)Character LisaLisa (C2)Character RosariaRosaria (C2)Character XinyanXinyan (C2)
Tier 4 Aloy (0)

Geo TravelerGeo Traveler (C6)Anemo TravelerAnemo Traveler (C0)AmberAmber (C0)  

Utility and Support Tier List

Tier 0
BennettBennett (C1)Character ZhongliZhongli (C0)Kaedehara KazuhaKazuha (C0)   
Tier 1
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun (C0)Shenhe Character ThumbShenhe (C0)Character MonaMona (C0)DionaDiona (C6)Characters Kujou SaraKujou Sara (C6)Gorou Character ThumbGorou (C0)
Yun Jin CharacterYun Jin (C2)Character SucroseSucrose (C6)Sangonomiya Kokomi Kokomi (C0)Character VentiVenti (C0)Character JeanJean (C0) 
Tier 2
Sayu Genshin ImpactSayu (C1)Character QiqiQiqi (C0)BarbaraBarbara (C2)Character RosariaRosaria (C6)AlbedoAlbedo (C0)Character Electro TravelerElectro Traveler (C6)
XingqiuXingqiu (C2)     
Tier 3
Character LisaLisa (C0)ChongyunChongyun (C2)Character XinyanXinyan (C4)Thoma Genshin ImpactThoma (C0)  
Tier 4
Character NingguangNingguang (C0)Geo TravelerGeo Traveler (C6)Character NoelleNoelle (C0)