Challenger: Series IV

Challenger: Series IV
Achievement – Challenger: Series IV

Challenger: Series IV contains all achievements related to defeating enemies in Genshin Impact. There’s 9 achievements available and after completing all 9 achievements, player can claim Stone Dragon namecard as reward.


1…Geovishap, Solarvishap, Lunarvishap…Defeat the Geovishap in all of its elemental forms.5
2Geo Elemental Reaction?Defeat the Primo Geovishap in all of its elemental forms.10
3Puppet Show-OffDefeat the Maguu Kenki while he is taunting you.5
4Totaled TotemDefeat an Electro Samachurl with no lightning totem on the field.5
5Did My Hand Fall From My Wrist?Defeat a Thunderhelm Lawachurl while in an enhanced state.5
6I’ll Skip the Spa, ThanksDefeat a Mirror Maiden without being trapped by its Water Prison.5
7It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…Defeat the Pyro Hypostasis after it enters its extinguished state only once5
8The Battle of Narukami IslandDefeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in its weakened state.5
9The Finishing TouchDefeat Azhdaha without ever having gained a shield.10


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 55.

Achievement Namecard: Stone Dragon
Achievement Namecard: Stone Dragon