Challenger: Series V

Achievement - Challenger: Series V
Achievement – Challenger: Series V

Challenger: Series V contains all achievements related to defeating enemies in Genshin Impact in the latest patch (released at Genshin Impact 2.6). There’s 8 achievements available and after completing all 8 achievements, player can claim Thunderclap namecard as reward.


NoAchievementRequirementItem Primogem
1Salt for My Foes, and Water for MeObtain at least three healing orbs fired from the “water droplets” during the Hydro Hypostasis fight.5
2The Fraught ReturnStop the Hydro Hypostasis from reviving itself without destroying any of the “water droplets” by placing obstacles or repelling them.5
3Moment of DestructionDefeat Signora without using any Crimson Lotus Moths.10
4Electric EscapeDefeat a Thunder Manifestation without being hit by its homing thunder cage attack.5
5Radio SilenceGet locked on by the Thunder Manifestation before you can attack it.5
6Swimming ProhibitedDefeat the Bathysmal Vishap Herd without allowing them to dive into the water.5
7Death ProofDodge one entire round of the Baleful Vajra’s destructive waves during one battle with Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto.10
8OuroborosDestroy Oozing Concretions to paralyze the Ruin Serpent while it is gathering energy.5


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 50.

Achievement Namecard: Thunderclap
Achievement Namecard: Thunderclap