Meetings in Outrealm: Series I

Achievement - Meetings in Outrealm: Series I
Achievement – Meetings in Outrealm: Series I

Meetings in Outrealm: Series I contains all achievements related to early Co-op mode. There’s 13 achievements available and after completing all 13 achievements, player can claim Reunion namecard as reward.


1,2,3You Came, You Saw, We Co-OpedComplete Domains together with other players 5/20/100 times.5/10/20
4,5,6I Came, I Saw, I ConqueredCollect 5/20/50 regional specialties in another player’s world.5/10/20
7That’s One Big CrystalflyDefeat an Anemo Hypostasis in Co-Op Mode.10
8…And Still Smiling!Defeat an Electro Hypostasis in Co-Op Mode.10
9You Have to Hit the PillarsDefeat a Geo Hypostasis in Co-Op Mode.10
10Just Me and You, the Sky So Blue, and Almost Getting Killed by a Cryo RegisvineDefeat a Cryo Regisvine in Co-Op Mode.10
11This Is FineDefeat a Pyro Regisvine in Co-Op Mode.10
12A Fish Called RhodeiaDefeat an Oceanid in Co-Op Mode.10
13Wolf PactDefeat the king of Wolvendom in Co-Op Mode.10


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 140.

Achievement Namecard: Reunion
Achievement Namecard: Reunion