Teyvat Fishing Guide: Series I

Achievement - Teyvat Fishing Guide: Series I
Achievement – Teyvat Fishing Guide: Series I

Teyvat Fishing Guide: Series I contains all achievements related to Fishing system in Genshin Impact. There’s 12 achievement available and after completing all 12 achievements, player can claim Nails namecard as rewards.


1Amateurs Hammer Nails Into HooksCatch your first fish.5
2“Do you need a fishtank to go with that?”Catch your first Ornamental Fish.10
3Yon Mirror’d Moon, BrokenCatch a fish that only comes out at night for the first time.5
4,5,6Ding Ding Ding!Catch 100/500/2000 fish successfully.5/10/20
7“Call Me Ishmael.”Catch one fish in another player’s world.5
8Fishy MotiveBuy a fishing rod from the Fishing Association.10
9Into the WatersSuccessfully make 20 Bait.5
10A Right Proper AnglerUnlock 20 fish Archive entries.10
11IntermissionCatch a scattered page of a book while fishing in Inazuma.5
12StabilizerCatch fish successfully 10 times while always staying inside the Ideal Tension Zone.5


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 95.

Achievement Namecard: Nails
Achievement Namecard: Nails