Sea Ganoderma

Specialty Sea Ganoderma
Sea Ganoderma
CategoryLocal Specialties
DescriptionA plant species that only grows in certain regions and islands of the ocean. Though it looks like a fungus of some sort, it actually comes from a substance secreted by certain soft-bodied organisms.

Usage: Character Ascension

Sea Ganoderma is Inazuma local specialties and used as character ascension material for following character:

Characters Kazuha

Sea Ganoderma Location With Farming Routes

Sea Ganoderma can be found only in seashore, here’s all farming location for Sea Ganoderma:

Narukami Island

Near Konda Village

It’s the earliest location you can find after arrive in Inazuma. Can be acessed from north Konda Village teleport waypoint

Sea Ganoderma Beach Near Konda Village
Beach Near Konda Village

South of Kamisato Estate

Teleport to Kamisato Estate teleport waypoint and head south

Sea Ganoderma Near Kamisato Estate
Sea Ganoderma Near Kamisato Estate

Northern Part of Narukami Island

Number 1 location can be found near waterfall. As for 2nd location, you can use Waverider to go there (check marked location)

Sea Ganoderma Northern Part Of Narukami Island
Northern Part of Narukami Island

Kujou Encampment

Mainly 3 farming locations available with recommended routes. You can start either from Statue of Seven or from closest teleport waypoint.

Sea Ganoderma In Kujou Encampment Area
Sea Ganoderma In Kujou Encampment Area


Northern Part of Kannazuka

You are free to choose whichever routes you wanna take. Large area between 3 islands is shallow water so you can just sprint from one place to another.

Sea Ganoderma North Of Tatarasuna
Farming Location in Northern Part of Kannazuka

Beach Southeast of Tatarasuna

The closest teleport waypoint to the area is Shakkei Pavilion.

Sea Ganoderma Southeast Of Tatarasuna
Area Southeast of Tatarasuna

Yoshiori Island

Fort Mumei Area

Sea Ganoderma In Fort Mumei Area
Fort Mumei Area

East Part of Yoshiori Island

Teleport to the closest waypoint and head stright to Sea Ganoderma farming area.

Sea Ganoderma Eastern Part Of Yoshiori Island
East of Yoshiori Island