Chaos Oculus

Material Chaos Oculus
Chaos Oculus
Rarity4 Star
SourceRuin Sentinels

In Game Description

Comes from a now-inactive ancient Ruin machine.

The “Ruin” part of the name comes from the areas where they are most active. However, Ruin machines actually have little in common with the detritus in which they are often found.

In the ancient past, these ruins were once part of a civilization mighty enough to almost touch the dome of the firmament, while “ruin” still waits in the deep places of the earth, awaiting the order to arise and tread all kingdoms underfoot.

Usage: Weapon Ascension

Chaos Oculus is used as ascension material for these following weapons:

Sword Amenoma Kageuchi
Amenoma Kageuchi
Claymore Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
Polearm Kitain Cross Spear
Kitain Cross Spear
Sword Mistsplitter Reforged
Mistsplitter Reforged

Where to get Oculus Axis?

Chaos Oculus can be obtained by defeating Ruin Sentinels, a machines type enemy that only can be found in Inazuma. You can also get Chaos Oculus by transmuting 3x Chaos Axis in alchemy table.

Here’s all locations where you can farm Ruin Sentinels for Chaos Oculus :

Araumi, Narukami Island

First area is Araumi in Narukami Island. For location number 1, you can find Sentinel Ruin in the path near underground teleport waypoint. About how to open the location, please read: How to Open Underground Teleport Waypoint in Araumi.

Second location can be found near the ruin. As for third location, it’s depend whether there’s Leyline Outcrop or not.

If you’ve find Leyline Outcrop in the area, whether it’s the blue or yellow one. Open it and 3 or 4 sentinel ruins will appear. You can just defeat them and taking their drop without claiming Leyline Outcrop rewards.

Ruin Sentinel Locations In Araumi
Ruin Sentinel Locations in Araumi

Inside a cave in Kannazuka

Some sentinel ruin can be found inside small cave in Kannazuka. There’s 2 entrance to this cave, first one is hole near Thunder Sakura. Second entrance can be acessed from the beach (check marked location).

Ruin Sentinel Locations In Kannazuka
Ruin Sentinel Locations in Kannazuka

Yashiori Island

First location can be found in Fort Mumei area, you can find 4 sentinel ruins in there. For second location in Serpent Head, it’s located underground. You can open the gate by guiding 2 electro seelies in the area.

As for third location, it’s also located underground. You need to solve puzzle before unlocking the whole area and farm sentinel ruins.

Ruin Sentinel Locations In Yashiori Island
Ruin Sentinel Locations in Yashiori Island