New Character Demo: “Eula – Flickering Candlelight”

Eula Character Demo Flickering Candlelight
Eula Character Demo – Flickering Candlelight

Mihoyo just released character demo for new upcoming 5 star character, Eula The Spindrift Knight.

Eula is new Cryo claymore user who will available starting tomorrow, exactly 24 hours from now. Her banner replacing Zhongli banner will be accompanied by Song of Broken Pines weapon banner.

When her first leak appear, I always thought that her movement is more like dancing than fighting style, so beautiful and elegant.

Turned out it’s really a dance move, it’s called Dance of Sacrifice Act 3: Flickering Candlelight just like the title of character demo suggested.

You can watch the video below:

Best Weapon and Artifacts for Eula?

Based on leaks, Eula is speculated to be physical oriented character so artifacts with set effects that give physical damage bonus such as Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chilvary will be the best choice. Of course, Cryo build is also viable so that’s make Blizzard Strayer as a good choice as well.

Other than those 3, I think Gladiators Finale which have 4 set bonus increasing normal attack by 35% for sword, polearm, and claymore is also good choice.

As for weapon, 5 star claymore like WGS and new upcoming Sword of Broken Pines will be the best choice. Other 5 star claymore is also good alternative. Let’s say if you are unlucky with claymore, even for 4 star. Worst scenario you can just craft and use Snow Tombed Starsilver or Prototype Archaic, both have physical damage bonus as main stat.