Challenger: Series I

Achievement - Challenger: Series I
Achievement – Challenger: Series I

Challenger: Series I contains all achievements related to breaking enemy shield for early game players. There’s 4 achievements available and after completing all 4 achievements, player can claim Challenger I namecard as reward.


1Full Metal What Now?Shatter the Geo Crystal Shield of a Large Geo Slime.5
2Are Plasma Globes Still in Fashion?Break an Electro Cicin Mage’s shield.5
3Rhythm TengokuStop an Abyss Mage from regenerating its shield.5
4Blazing DadaupaSet a Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl’s shield on fire.5


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 20.

Achievement Namecard: Challenger I
Achievement Namecard: Challenger I