Challenger: Series II

Achievement - Challenger: Series II
Achievement – Challenger: Series II

Challenger: Series II contains all achievements related to defeating enemies (common enemies and field boss). There’s 10 achievements available and after completing all 10 achievements, player can claim Challenger II namecard as reward.


1Hydro HunterDefeat every type of Hydro Mimic that an Oceanid can summon.5
2Dip, Duck, Dive, Dodge, DefeatDefeat an Oceanid without being hit by water bombs left behind by certain Hydro Mimics.10
3,4,5…Well, That Was StrangeDefeat the Unusual Hilichurl 1/20/50 time.5/10/20
6Extreme GardeningParalyze a Cryo Regisvine by attacking its corolla.5
7Gardener ExtraordinaireParalyze a Pyro Regisvine by attacking its corolla.5
8Geronimo!Hit an opponent with a Plunging Attack after plunging for more than 5 seconds.5
9Vicious CircleUnleash 5 Elemental Bursts within 15 seconds.10
10Shield Me From the WorldHave a single character be protected by 3 different types of shield at once.10


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 85.

Achievement Namecard: Challenger II
Achievement Namecard: Challenger II