Rise and Shrine: All 5 Shrines Location in Yashiori Island

Rise and Shrine
Rise and Shrine
Sub AchievementWonders of the World
Reward5 Primogems


Find all the shrines on Yashiori Island.

Map of 5 Shrines in Yashiori Island
Map of 5 Shrines in Yashiori Island

Find and interract with 5 shrines scattered across Yashiori Island to get this achievement. For first to fourth shrines, you can go with one route. While for the fifth, you need to teleport to statue of the seven in Yashiori Island and go straight for the shrine.

Shrine 1
Shrine 1 near teleport waypoint
Shrine 2
Shrine 2, east of Maguu Kenki
Shrine 3
Shrine 3, west of Maguu Kenki
Shrine 4
Shrine 4, behind Chouji house.
Shrine 5
Shrine 5, near statue of the seven