Chouji’s Travels: Hidden Unmarked Quest With Precious Chest as Reward

Chouji location in Narukami Island

After completing “Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away” from Chouji, you can still find him in front of his house near Jakotsu Mine, Yashiori Island. This is actually part of hidden achievement: And I Would Walk 3,000 More.

First, talk to him and he will tell traveler about his plan to look for him mother. in this phase, you will need to give him 12 Crystal Marrow.

Chouji house locationChouji in front of his house

Second, met and talk to him in Tatarasuna as shown in the map.

Chouji location in Tatarasuna mapChouji location in Tatarasuna

Third, met and talk to him in front of big red shrine in Narukami Island as shown in the map. This is the last part and you will get Precious Chest as reward.

Chouji location in Narukami mapChouji location in Narukami Island