The Hero’s Journey

Achievement - The Hero's Journey
Achievement – The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey contains all achievements related to character progression. There’s 16 achievements available and after completing all 16 achievements, player can claim Hero namecard as reward.


1Sacred CantoEnhance a 5-star artifact to its highest level.10
2,3,4Re-Armed, Re-ForgedAscend a weapon to Phase 2/4/6.5/10/20
5,6,7Onward and UpwardAscend a character to Phase 2/4/6 for the first time.5/10/20
8Legendary TreasureObtain a 5-star artifact.5
9,10,11Hitherto UnknownReach Friendship 10 with 4/8/16 characters.5/10/20
12Hero’s GiftObtain a 4-star artifact.5
13Echoing SongEnhance a 4-star artifact to its highest level.10
14,15,16Bounty of the EarthCollect 200/400/800 rewards from blossoms of wealth or blossoms of revelation.5/10/20


The rewards for this achievement is special namecard and total of primogems: 170.

Achievement Namecard: Hero
Achievement Namecard: Hero