How to Get Hamayumi Bow Blueprint

It’s been a week after Inazuma release and methods to get all weapon blueprint has been found. Well, except for Hamayumi Bow.

Turned out this bow blueprint can be obtained from gacha inside this game. Yes, gacha but not wishing system.

In short, you will have to open 1 out of 3 box daily and rely on your luck to get Hamayumi Bow blueprint, 1 chance per day.

How to Get Hamayumi Bow Blueprint?

Met Takashi The Gacha Shop Owner

Head to location marked in the map, you will met someone named Takashi in his shop. Inside his shop, he have 3 chest which is the gacha to get hamayumi blueprint.

Takashi Shop in Kannazuka
Takashi Shop in Kannazuka
Takashi In Front Of His Shop With 3 Chest Behind Him
Takashi in front of his shop with 3 chest behind him

Gathering Mysterious Conch

To buy his chest, he will ask you to gather Mysterious Conch at the beach area in front of his shop.

Takashi Mysterious Conch
Takashi Mysterious Conch

So what you need to do next is investigating beach in front of his shop to get some Mysterious Conch. You won’t automatically get the conch everytime you investigate the spot, sometimes you will get mora, crystalflies, even enemies.

Gathering Mysterious Conch In The Beach
Gathering Mysterious Conch in the beach

Keep gathering until you got 3 Mysterious Conch.

It’s Gacha Time

Do any rituals you want before doing this, might wanna try checking your luck using Fortune Slip in Grand Narukami Shrine.

Talk to Takashi and give him 3 Mysterious Conches you’ve get from the beach and you will get a chance to open 1 chest behind him.

Takashi Mysterious Conches
3 Takashi Mysterious Conches for a chance to open 1 chest

What do you get?

If you are unlucky, you will get something like Iron Chunk, White Iron Chunk, Bag of Seeds, Cabbages, etc. I got mine after 7 days+ trying.

Getting Hamayumi Bow Blueprint
Getting Hamayumi Bow Blueprint

Hamayumi Bow Diagram
Hamayumi Bow Diagram

Getting this blueprint (grand prize) will also get you new achievement: Thank You, Come Again.

Thank You, Come Again Achievement
Thank You, Come Again Achievement

I got this method from reddit. Hopefully you will get yours soon, good luck!