How to Use Fortune Slip in Genshin Impact – New Gacha Ritual

Fortune Slip is one of the new “feature” in Genshin Impact that player can find in Grand Narukami Shrine.

Grand Narukami Shrine is a place where Sacred Sakura Tree resides and some scene of main quest and world quest also happen in this place.

Fortune slip involve drawing bamboo slip from bamboo cylinder and depend on your result you might get 2 achievements from this. Many player has been using this game as ritual before pulling gacha for weapon and characters, or try to get Hamayumi Bow blueprint from Takashi.

How to Use Fortune Slip in Genshin Impact?

To start testing your luck, head to Grand Narukami Island and talk to NPC Gendou Ringou. You can find her stall near Grand Sakura Tree.

Gendou Ringo Location In Grand Narukami Island
Gendou Ringo Location in Grand Narukami Island

Talk to Gendou Ringo and she will explain the whole thing about fortune slip, good luck, bad luck, etc. To start using fortune slip, interract with “Fortune Slip Box”, dialogue will appear explaining about how to use fortune slip:

There’s a chance every day to receive a fortune slip… The procedure is as follows: shake a bamboo slip from Fortune Slip Box, and exchange that bamboo slip for a Fortune Slip with Gendou Ringo. Would you like to try your luck today?

Press “Try your luck” option and bamboo cylinder will appear in your screen. Click on bamboo cylinder to shake it and fortune slip will be drawn.

Drawing Fortune Slip From Bamboo Cylinder
Drawing Fortune Slip From Bamboo Cylinder

New item called Bamboo Slip will be added to your inventory. Exchange your slip by talking to Gendou Ringo and you will obtain new item: Fortune Slip. You can read it to check your luck today.

Item Fortune Slip
Fortune Slip

Types of Fortunes

  • Great Fortune
  • Good Fortune
  • Modest Fortune
  • Rising Fortune
  • Misfortune
  • Great Misfortune
  • Curse
  • Great Curse


Getting Great Fortune on your slip will get you “Paimon’s Lucky Day” achievement, while getting Great Misfortune will get you “Just My Luck…” achievement.

Getting a bad fortune? hang your slips on Fortune Slip Hanger

If you are getting fortunes like Curse or even Great Curse, you might want to hang your fortune slip on Fortune Slip Hanger. You can find 2 hanger right in front of Gendou Ringo stall, 2 more can be found in front of the other stall.

Fortune Slip Hanger
Fortune Slip Hanger

Do Fortune Slip really predict your luck in Genshin Impact?

I’ve seen some people in twitter and facebook get 5 star character after getting Great Fortune Slip, but there’s no official confirmation from Mihoyo if this Fortune Slip really favor your luck or just pure coincidence.

But hey, people still pulling gacha in the hand of Barbatos statue or in the location where trailer/character introduction take a place. So let’s just think this whole fortune slip thing as other ritual before pulling gacha.