5 Researcher’s Notes Location in Watatsumi Island

Researcher's Notes Map
Researcher’s Notes Map

When exploring Watatsumi Island, you will find some random Researcher’s Notes. All notes can be found in the location with small tent or near pile of books.

Investigating all 5 notes will reward traveler with achievement: The Stranding of the Beagle.

Notes 1

Watatsumi Island eastmost teleport waypoint, near a tree.

Researcher Notes 1
Researcher Notes 1

“…Altars to the Electro Archon do not fare too well on Watatsumi Island, and this is no exception…”

“…There aren’t any more ruins related to Narukami Island culture nearby. I don’t think this angle is worth pursuing that much further…”

Notes 2

Located near teleport waypoint with pile of books and 9 electro blocks puzzle.

Researcher Notes 2
Researcher Notes 2

To put it simply, it’s hint for electro block puzzle in the area.

Notes 3

Can be found inside a tent on the beach, north of statue of the seven.

Researcher Notes 3
Researcher Notes 3

“…This camp has been abandoned. I did nick a few useful items from it, however…”

“…Well, at least my putting them to good use is better than letting them mold away here, hehe…”

Notes 4

On top of crate and pile of books behind Nobushi tent, west of teleport waypoint.

Researcher Notes 4
Researcher Notes 4

“…The rock cliff on which this shrine is perched is a most lovely sight. The stone tablets around it do bear further observation…”

“…Viewing the sunset in front of a torii gate really brings you a sense of inner peace…”

Notes 5

In Suigetsu Pool, outside of Palace in a Pool domain.

Researcher Notes 5
Researcher Notes 5

“…The architecture of this ruin is quite similar to that which appears on structures dating back to the Archon War, but we will need to investigate further…”

“…It’s just a shame that my current topic of study does not permit me to stay here for too long…”