Treasure Hoarder Secret Treasure in Chasm

During your exploration in Chasm, you might stumbleupon with Treasure Map Fragment in 2 different treasure hoarder camp: one in Chasm surface, and the other one in Chasm underground.

This 2 map fragment can be combined as 1 treasure map which show location of Treasure Hoarder secret tunnel that will bring you to their secret stash underground.

Question is, where’s the map fragments location and how to fin treasure hoarder secret stash?

Treasure Map Fragment 1 – Chasm Surface

First fragment can be found at Treasure Hoarder Camp southeast of Lumberpick Valley. This location is actually part of another quest: Undetected Infiltration where you can get quest item called Cup of Commons.

Treasure Map Fragment 1 MapTreasure Map Fragment 1

Treasure Map Fragment 2 – Chasm Underground

Second map fragment can be found at treasure hoarder camp northeast of Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel teleport waypoint.

Treasure Map Fragment 2 MapTreasure Map Fragment 2

Treasure Hoarder Secret Tunnel Location

Then, both fragment will become item called Treasure Hoarders Treasure Map which will show it’s exact location, southeast of Tiangong Gorge teleport waypoint.

Treasure Hoarders Treasure Map
Treasure Hoarders Treasure Map

Destroy bomb crate in this camp to burn blanket covering secret entrace to the tunnel.

Treasure Hoarder Secret Tunnel MapTreasure Hoarder Secret Tunnel Location

After that, you can enter and claim your rewards: 1 Exquisite Chest, 1 Precious Chest, and 1 Lumenstone. Upon opening this stash, you will also get achievement: Den of Thieves.

Treasure Hoarder Secret Treasure
Treasure Hoarder Secret Treasure