Treasure Hoarder

Tresure Hoarder EmblemTresure Hoarder Emblem Category Enemy
Faction Treasure Hoarders
Powers Mellee and ranged elemental attacks
Description Treasure Hoarders are group of bandits who search for treasures in all over Teyvat. Treasure Hoarders member can be found in Liyue, outskirts of Dragonspine, and sometimes also appear in the story quest.

Description From Adventurer Handbook

A ragtag group of bandits whose traces can be found all across the lands, even in deepest depths of uncharted domains. Although their main purpose is hunting treasure, they are also known to get rough with unfortunate bystanders who happen to be nearby.

It’s said that the group’s founder, Reed Miller, defined the Treasure Hoarders as “an organization of mutual cooperation.”

Group of Treasure Hoarders In Liyue
Group of Treasure Hoarders In Liyue

Material Drops

This type of enemy are highly sought because of these 3 material : Treasure Hoarder, Silver Raven, and Golden Raven insignia. The materials are widely used for weapon ascension, character ascension, talent and skill upgrade. This enemy have so many type starting from melee type, ranged weapon (throw) with different elemental attack, or hybrid mellee and ranged attack type.

Stars (Level 1+)

2 Star (Level 40+)

3 Star (Level 60+)
Material Treasure Hoarder InsigniaTreasure Hoarder Insignia

Material Silver Raven InsigniaSilver Raven Insignia

Material Golden Raven InsigniaGolden Raven Insignia

Treasure Hoarders Location and Farming Route

Location Map 1: Qingce Village

  1. Location 1: North of teleport waypoint, there’s camp near waterfall which used for Chi of Guyun dungeon entrance. In the first mark there’s 2 Treasure hoarder, go farther north and you will find their camp.
  2. Location 2: From teleport waypoint, climb the waterfall and you will find Treasure hoarders camp. In this location you will also find some deposits of Crystal Chunk.
Treasure Hoarders Location In Qingce Village
Location Map 1: Qingce Village

Location Map 2: Guili Plains

  1. Location 1: Teleport to Domain of Forsaken ruin and then explore locations inside red circle. Members of Treasure Hoarder are scattered across Guili Assembly ruin.
  2. Location 2 and 3: From the first location, teleport to next teleport waypoint and go to spot 2 and 3 to find treasure hoarders camp. For number 3, you will also find some Starconch in their location.
  3. Location 4: Go under natural bride in marked location, and you will found 2 member of treasure Hoarders examining iron ore deposit. Sometimes you will also get ambushed by 3 members in this location.
Treasure Hoarders Location In Guili Plains
Location Map 2: Guili Plains

Location Map 3: Northern Liyue

  1. Location 1: Go to closest teleport waypoint and explore area inside the red circle. Members of treasure hoarders are scattered all over the place, sometimes guarding treasures. In this area you will also find some Liyue local specialities such as cor lapis and jueyun chili.
  2. Location 2: camp with 4 or 5 treasure hoarders.
  3. Location 3: Teleport to Taishan Mansion in Jueyun Karst and then climb your way up to marked location to find treasure hoarders camp.
Treasure Hoarders Location In Northern Liyue
Location Map 3: Northern Liyue

Location Map 4: Luhua Pool and Tianqiu Valley

  1. Location 1: Treasure hoarders camp located near entrance of cave where Primo Geovishap reside.
  2. Location 2: Go to Luhua Pool and look for 2 Giant statue. Treasure hoarders camp are located in top of building behind the statues.
Treasure Hoarders Location In Luhua Pool And Tianqiu Valley
Location Map 4: Luhua Pool and Tianqiu Valley

Location Map 5: Mt Tianheng

Not many things to explain here, the camps located pretty close to teleport waypoint so you can go teleport to closes waypoint and raid their camp.

Treasure Hoarders Location In Mt Tianheng
Location Map 5: Mt Tianheng

Other than Liyue, there’s also some Treasure Hoarders lurking around in the outskirts of Dragonspine. Try to start from entrance (teleport waypoint and NPC camp from Dragonspine quest) to find them. Just like other enemies and monsters, Treasure Hoarders will also respawned after one day so you can keep farming until you have enough insignia.