End of the Line

Rarity4 Star
How to getFishing Merchant in Sumeru
Base Attack42
SubstatsEnergy Recharge
PassiveNet Snapper
End of the Line
End of the Line

Triggers the Flowrider effect after using an Elemental Skill, dealing 80/100/120/140/160% ATK as AoE DMG upon hitting an opponent with an attack. Flowrider will be removed after 15s or after causing 3 instances of AoE DMG. Only 1 instance of AoE DMG can be caused every 2s in this way. Flowrider can be triggered once every 12s.

In Game Description

This seems to be a now-extinct fish. Its body is sufficiently elastic that a string may be attached to it to let it serve as a bow.

How to Get End of the Line Bow?

End of the Line bow can be purchased from Loumelat, Sumeru Fisherwoman in Port Ormos.

You can find Loumelat North of Port Ormos
You can find Loumelat North of Port Ormos

Here’s 3 kind of fish required to trade for End of the Line bow:

4x Peach of the Deep Waves16x Lazurite Axe Marlin16x Halcyone Jade Axe Marlin

End of the Line Bow Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material you need to upgrade End of the Line Bow:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 205.000dendro weapon ascension 1x3Inactivated Fungal Nucleusx3Fungal Sporesx2
Level 4015.000dendro weapon ascension 2x3Inactivated Fungal Nucleusx12Fungal Sporesx8
Level 5020.000dendro weapon ascension 2x6Dormant Fungal Nucleusx6Luminescent Pollenx6
Level 6030.000dendro weapon ascension 3x3Dormant Fungal Nucleusx12Luminescent Pollenx9
Level 7035.000dendro weapon ascension 3x6Robust Fungal Nucleusx9Crystalline Cyst Dustx6
Level 8045.000dendro weapon ascension 4x4Robust Fungal Nucleusx18Crystalline Cyst Dustx12