Sacrificial Bow

Rarity4 Star
How to getWish
Base Attack44
SubstatsEnergy Recharge
4Star Sacrificial Bow
Sacrificial Bow

After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40/50/60/70/80% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30/26/22/18/14 s.

Sacrificial Bow In Game Description

A ceremonial hunting bow that has become petrified over time. The trinkets on it are still visible. It grants the wielder the power to withstand the winds of time.

How to Get Sacrificial Bow?

It’s available in Gacha, including standard banner.

Sacrificial Bow Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material used to upgrade Sacrificial Bow:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 205.000Material Boreal Wolf's Milk Toothx3Material Dead Ley Line Branchx3Material Slime Condensatex2
Level 4015.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx3Material Dead Ley Line Branchx12Material Slime Condensatex8
Level 5020.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx6Material Dead Ley Line Leavesx6Material Slime Secretionsx6
Level 6030.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx3Material Dead Ley Line Leavesx12Material Slime Secretionsx9
Level 7035.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx6Material Ley Line Sproutsx9Material Slime Concentratex6
Level 8045.000Material Boreal Wolf's Nostalgiax4Material Ley Line Sproutsx18Material Slime Concentratex12