Chicken Tofu Pudding

Dish TypeATK Boosting Dishes
Rarity4 Star
Chicken Tofu Pudding
Chicken Tofu Pudding

In Game Description

A dish made with great precision. The finely-diced chicken breast is stirred strongly and added into a soup that has various other minced meats within, before being cooked over a small flame. The result is light and elegant, and it tastes like tofu pudding. The meat has been shaped such that it is “a chicken above chickens, yet does not look like chicken.” This, too, is part of Liyue’s culinary fine arts.


Depending on the quality (Suspicious/Normal/Delicious), this dish increases the party’s attack by 224/272/320 and critical rate by 6/8/10% for 300 seconds.

Just like any other food, consuming this dish will only effect your own character or party. This dish won’t have any effect for other players in Co-Op mode.

Chicken Tofu Pudding Recipe Location?

Recipe of Chicken Tofu Pudding can be obtained from world quest A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken (link).

In short, you will help Smiley Yanxiao and Jiangxue in Wangshu Inn to come up with new extraordinary dish.


Here’s all ingredients you need to cook Chicken Tofu Pudding

Fowl1x FowlHam2x HamBird Egg2x Bird EggSnapdragon1x Snapdragon