There’s a lot of thing to do in Genshin Impact, and one of them is Cooking.

Foods gained from cooking will make your journey across Teyvat easier. You can heal fast, buff your character, or even revive your character.

Need more stamina to glide or swim? Some stamina dishes will help you reduce stamina constumption or even recover some. Need more CRIT, DMG Increase, and ATK Increase for easier boss fight? ATK Boosting dish will help you, and so on.

Even if you are player who is “not using buff food” type and didn’t really touch cooking, you will have to do it eventually since Cooking 20 Dishes is part of weekly challenge in Battle Pass.

How to Cook in Genshin Impact

To cook in Genshin Impact, you will need to find stove in the city: Good Hunter in Mondstadt or Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue. You can also using numerous campfires that scattered across the open world. All you need to do is lit the campfire using pyro element.

Cooking Guide In Genshin Impact
Manual Cooking in Genshin Impact
  1. Dish: Make sure to learn the recipe to cook dishes you want.
  2. Ingredients: All materials you need for cooking. Can be gathered from wilds, NPC shop, and processing ingredients.
  3. Character Bonus: Some characters have talents that gives bonus in cooking (Chance for more dishes, gaining other type of dishes, etc)
  4. Proficiency: When you maout proficiency for each dish, you can do bulk auto cook. Different rarity have different proficiency level, ranging from 1-5 star. 1 star: 5 maproficiency, 2 star: 10 maproficiency, 3 star: 15 maproficiency, 4star: 20 maproficiency, and 5 star: 25 maproficiency.
  5. Cook Manually: Think it like mini game, you need to time your click/tap to get perfected cooking. Orange section will get you delicious version of the dish with maximum effect, yellow section will get your normal dish with average effect, and gray section will get you suspicious dish that gives you lowest effect.

Gathering Ingredients

Ingredients is all materials you need to cook a dish. You can get ingredients by gathering in the wilds, buying from general store and restaurant, also processing ingredient to get get new “processed” ingredient.

AlmondAlmondBaconBaconBamboo ShootBamboo ShootBerryBerryBird EggBird Egg
ButterButterCabbage CabbageMondstadt Specialty Calla LilyCalla LilyCarrotCarrotCheeseCheese
Chilled MeatChilled MeatCrabCrabCrab RoeCrab RoeCreamCreamFishFish
Liyue Specialty Jueyun ChiliJueyun ChiliLotus HeadLotus HeadMatsutakeMatsutakeMilkMilkMintMint
Liyue Specialty QingxinQingxinRadishRadishRaw MeatRaw MeatRiceRiceSaltSalt
SausageSausageShrimp MeatShrimp MeatMondstadt Specialty Small Lamp GrassSmall Lamp GrassSmoked FowlSmoked FowlSnapdragonSnapdragon
SugarSugarTofuTofuSweet FlowerSweet FlowerTomatoTomatoLiyue Specialty VioletgrassViolet Grass

List of All Dishes in Genshin Impact

Here’s list of all dishes/food in Genshin Impact, categorized by the effect attribute and sorted alphabetically:

  • All
  • ATK Boosting Dishes
  • Adventurers Dishes
  • DEF Boosting Dishes
  • Recovery Dishes
  • Special Dishes