Victorious Legend: Gorou Special Dish

Dish TypeRecovery Dishes and Special Dishes
Base DishTonkotsu Ramen
Victorious Legend
Victorious Legend

In Game Description

Gorou’s specialty. The side dishes have been piled high to form a sight as moving as Gorou’s own motivations. As you finish the noodles and soup all in one go and pat your stomach in satisfaction, you look up and see Gorou… smiling radiantly as his tail wags from side to side (the latter probably unbeknownst to him!)


Victorious Legend have effect to restores 40% of Max HP and an additional 2,350 HP to the selected character.

Just like any other food, consuming this dish will only effect your own character or party. This dish won’t have any effect for other players in Co-Op mode.

How to get Victorious Legend

To get Victorious Legend (chance), you need to cook Tonkotsu Ramen with Gorou in character selection.



Here’s all ingredients required to cook this dish:

Raw Meat
4x Raw Meat
3x Flour
Bamboo Shoot
2x Bamboo Shoot
Bird Egg
1x Bird Egg