Ruin Guard

Enemy Ruin GuardRuin Guard Category Elite Enemies
Type Automaton
Faction Abyss Order
Description Giant combat automaton. normally found inside ruins

In Game Archive Description

An ancient humanoid war machine.

They are said to be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Some believe that they were developed not as war machines, but as protectors of the ruins. Though that hypothesis does not explain why would they choose to employ explosive weaponry inside the very ruins they are supposed to protect…

Ruin Guard
Ruin Guard via In Game Archive

Material Drops

This elite boss level enemy are highly sought because of these 3 material : Chaos Device, Chaos Circuit, and Chaos Core. The materials are widely used for many weapons as ascension/upgrade material.

Stars (Level 1+)

2 Star (Level 40+)

3 Star (Level 60+)
Material Chaos DeviceChaos Device Material Chaos CircuitChaos Circuit Material Chaos CoreChaos Core

Ruin Guard Locations

A bit tips before starting, Ruin Guard weakness is the glowing core in their head. For this reason it’s recommended to bring archer like Amber, Ganyu, Diona, Tartaglia, and Fischl to aim for the core. Don’t want to use archer? Use Geo Traveler elemental skill to summon Geo structure, climb on it and then attack the core.

Location Map 1: Mondstadt Region

  1. Location 1: Inside the tower, center of Stormterror lair. If you’ve done Mondstadt main quest, maybe you’ve encounter this ruin guard during your tower exploration.
  2. Location 2: Southeast of Stormterror Lair, teleport to south waypoint and then follow the icon on the map.
  3. Location 3: Located in the ruin east of Stormterror Lair.
  4. Location 4: Located near Stormbearer Point teleport waypoint, guarding chest in a ruin of building.
  5. Location 5: Located in amphitheater Thousand Winds Temple. Probably the very first Ruin Guard almost all player ever encountered in their early journey.
Ruin Guard Locations In Mondstadt
Location Map 1: Mondstadt Region

Location Map 2: Eastern Part of Liyue

  1. Location 1: North of teleport waypoint in Luhua Pool, will active when player get closer.
  2. Location 2: Patrolling around the ruin, will launch bombardment attack the moment it detect player presence.
  3. Location 3: You can teleport to Domain of Guyun first then go to the marked location. There’s 4 Ruin Guards here that will attack alltogether. Bring leveled party or bring friends with co op.
  4. Location 4: Located in Yoaguang Shoal, pretty easy to deal with since this enemy already have wet status applied. Easy do deal with Cryo characters like Ganyu, Diona, Chongyun, Kaeya, Qiqi, and Rosaria.
  5. Location 5: Located in Mingyun Village, surrounded by 2 hilichurl.
Ruin Guard Locations In Eastern Part Of Liyue
Location Map 2: Eastern Part of Liyue

Location Map 3: Lingju Pass And Donyu Ruin

You can go to all location starting from Geo Statue in the middle of the map. Number 1,2, and 3 located pretty close together so be careful when fighting or you will ended up facing 3 Ruin Guards. Number 4 located inside the building in Donyu Ruin. If you haven’t clear quest for Donyu Ruin, the whole ruin is underwater and the Ruin Guard won’t be available.

Ruin Guard Locations In Lingju Pass And Donyu Ruin
Location Map 3: Lingju Pass And Donyu Ruin

Location Map 4: Western Part Of Liyue

  1. Location1: Start from marked teleport waypoint and then go East, you will find the Ruin Guard under a tree. You can also find Pyro abyss mage and Geovishap in this area.
  2. Location 2: There’s 2 Ruin Guard, on the ground and above the building. Take them out one by one for easier fight.
  3. Location 3: 3 Ruin Guards, it’s recommended to start from south so you won’t aggro the other Ruin Guards.
Ruin Guard Locations In Western Part Of Liyue
Location Map 4: Western Part Of Liyue