Fish Dawncatcher
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFruit Paste Bait


A rare species of Medaka that has a brilliant sheen. It seems like a variant species of the normal Medaka, but it has a very different appearance and living habits.

There is a rumor that these fish have the mystical ability to predict the weather. If they leap out of the water to catch the dawn’s first light as it pierces the skies, then there will surely be a fine, sunny day to come.

Dawncatcher Fishing Locations

Dawncatcher will only spawn between the hours of 18:00 – 06:00, based on in-game time.

Fishing Location in Stormbearer MountainsStormbearer Mountains, water body near teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location near Dawn WinerySmall island near Dawn Winery. Teleport to Ridge Watch domain and walk north to reach this location fast.
Fishing Location North Side of Stormterrors LairNorth side of Stormterror Lair
Fishing Location South Side of Stormterrors LairSouth side of Stormterror Lair
Fishing Location in Dihua MarshDihua Marsh, west of Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven.
Fishing Location in Qingce VillageEast of Qingce village teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location East of Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domainNortheast of Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain
Fishing Location in Mt AocangMt Aocang, next to Cloud Retainer Abode
Fishing Location East of Mt HulaoHead to Mt Hulao teleport waypoint then glide down to east. You can also teleport to Azhdaha domain then walk northeast.
Fishing Location North of Sangonomiya ShrineNortheast of Sangonomiya Shrine, fastest route would be gliding from northmost teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in Suigetsu PoolSuigetsu Pool, near Waverider Waypoint
Fishing Location East of Koseki VillageEast of Koseki Village, Seirai Island