Lunged Stickleback

Fish Lunged Stickleback
Lunged Stickleback
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity


A swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.”

Unlike others of its kind, the lunged stickleback can live in dried, muddy pools for a long time. Other than its gills, it can also breathe through its degenerated scales, which is a feature much more similar to that of amphibians. As such, apart from dealing with uninvited anglers, it also has to deal with an academic vote of no confidence in it still being a stickleback.

Lunged Stickleback Fishing Locations

Lunged Stickleback will only spawn between the hours of 18:00 – 06:00 based on in-game time.

MapFish in the area
Fishing Location in Ritou
Ritou, at the dock
Ritou, at the docks
Fishing Location Behind Violet Court domain
Behind Violet Court domain, south of Amakane Island
Fishing location can be found behind iolet Court domain, south of Amakane Island.
Fishing Location in Nazuchi Beach Shipwreck
North of Nazuchi Beach Shipwreck
North of Nazuchi Beach ship wreckage.
Fishing Location North of Sangonomiya Shrine
North of Sangonomiya Shrine
Northeast of Sangonomiya Shrine, fastest route would be gliding from northmost teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in Suigetsu Pool
Suigetsu Pool, near Waverider Waypoint
Suigetsu Pool, near Waverider Waypoint
Fishing Location in Koseki Village
Koseki Village, Seirai Island
Koseki Village, Seirai Island east of Statue of the Seven.