Belobog of the Architects – Defense Planar Ornament for Tank

Belobog of the Architects is a Planar Ornament relic set in Honkai Star Rail which focused on defense stats. This planar ornament can be obtained by challenging Simulated Universe. As for rarity, it varies between 2 star up to 5 star.

Unlike Relic sets from Cavern of Corrosion that have 4 pieces of relic, Planar Ornament only consisting of 2 pieces of relic:

Belobog of the Architects
Planar SphereLink Rope
Belobog's Fortress of Preservation
Belobog’s Fortress of Preservation
Belobog's Iron Defense
Belobog’s Iron Defense

Belobog of the Architects Set Bonus

  • (2) Increases the wearer’s DEF by 15%. When the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, the wearer gains an extra 15% DEF.

Best Character to Equip

Considering that Belobog of the Architects is defense focused planar set, it’s recommended to use this planar set for tank character:

  • Preservation/Fire Trailblazer
  • March 7
  • Gepard

How to get Belobog of the Architects?

To get this planar ornament, you need to enter Herta Simulated Universe, World 6 and make your way by defeating some enemies. At some checkpoint, you will be able to “buy” some planar ornaments by using 40 Trailblaze Power or 1 immersifier.

Herta Simulated Universe Location