Geniuses Repose

Geniuses Repose is a 4 Star Light Cone of The Erudition path. It’s artwork featuring Herta and her friends from Genius Society, one of them is Screwllum.

PathThe Erudition
Rarity4 Star
SourceStellar Warp

Superimposition – Each Now Has a Role to Play

Increases the wearer’s ATK by 16/20/24/28/32%. When the wearer defeats an enemy, the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 24/30/36/42/48% for 3 turn(s).

Light Cone Geniuses Repose
Light Cone Geniuses Repose

Geniuses Repose Description

She pointed at that green rice cake.

“The experiment has ended. Time to take a break. I just can’t miss this freshly made dessert.”

She saw the puppet girl frowning in deep thought.

“Well, in your current body, you can only look but not eat. I’ll make you a box of new ones when the time comes.”

She saw the mechanical aristocrat hesitating at his own cup.

“Don’t worry. It’s only machine oil. Perfectly safe for you to consume.”

Geniuses Repose Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material required to upgrade this light cone from level 1 to 80: