Liyue Specialty VioletgrassVioletgrass Category Liyue Local Specialties
Region Liyue
A small flower with strong vitality. It was said its downward-blooming flower keeps its fragrance from dissipating.

Usage: Cooking and Ascension

For cooking, Violetgrass are known as necessary ingredients for these following recipe:

Cooking Black Back Perch StewBlack Back Perch Stew Cooking Stone Harbor DelicaciesStone Harbor Delicacies Cooking Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled FishWanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish

For ascension, this Liyue local specialty are known material for these following characters:

Character Qiqi
Character Xinyan

Tips for Farming Violetgrass

Having character with passive to show local specialities in mini map will helps a lot in your search of Violetgrass. In Liyue, Qiqi is the only character with this passive:

Qiqi Talent - Former Life MemoriesFormer Life Memories Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map.

Where to Find Violetgrass in Liyue?

Based on my experience, I can say that Violetgrass is the most difficult ascension material to get. Not in terms of amount in the wilds, but in terms of effort. Farming Violetgrass require a lot of climbing, teleport to highest point, then glide down.

You need to manage your stamina during climbing or you’ll fall to death. Best of luck for Qiqi and Xinyan main out there.

Buy From Herbalist Gui in Bubu Pharmacy and Verr Goldet from Wangshu Inn

The NPC known to sell this Liyue local specialty is Herbalist Gui, Liyue NPC who can be found in Bubu Pharmacy and Verr Goldet from Wangshu Inn. Check herbalist Gui wares in Bubu Pharmacy and you can find Violetgrass, Qingxin, recipe, and some other ingredients.

Herbalist Gui Location At Bubu Pharmacy Liyue
Herbalist Gui Location at Bubu Pharmacy Liyue
Herbalist Gui Selling Violetgrass
Herbalist Gu Items for sell in Bubu Pharmacy

As for Ver Goldett, you can find her in Wangshu Inn. She sell this flower along with Silk Flower, some recipe, and ingredients.

Verr Goldett Selling 5 Violetgrass In Wangshu Inn
Verr Goldett Selling 2 kind of Liyue Local Specialty

Farming Location Map 1: Qingce Village

Although I say Qincge Village, most of the time I only farm in the ruin located near Qingce Village. Start from marked teleport waypoint and follow the route. The rest is optional since they’re too far or too high.

Violetgrass Farming Location Map 1 Qingce Village

Farming Location Map 1: Sal Terrae and Mingyun Village

  1. Location number 1 is Sal Terrae, small cavern full with liyue specialty such as violetgrass and cor lapis. But it’s only explorable after player cleared Zhongli story quest.
  2. Location number 2 is highest point in the area, Geo statue. From there you can just glide down to location marked with violetgrass icon, and if you are losing altitude you can just teleport back and gliding again.
  3. Location number 3 is Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula, there’s few easy to grab violetgrass and noctilucous jade in there.
Violetgrass Farming Location Map 2 Sal Terrae And Mingyun Village
Farming Location Map 2: Sal Terrae And Mingyun Village

Farming Location Map 3: Huaguang Stone Forest

Violetgrass Farming Location Map 3 Huaguang Stone Forest
Farming Location Map 3: Huaguang Stone Forest

Farming Location Map 4: Lingju Pass Area

Violetgrass Farming Location Map 4 Lingju Pass Area
Farming Location Map 4: Lingju Pass Area

For both map 4 and 5 it’s recommended to start from highest point which is Geo statue. By gliding from geo statue you can reach spot with Violetgrass and if you are falling or losing altitude, you can just teleport back to Geo statue and glide down again.