Windwheel Aster

Mondstadt Specialty Windwheel AsterWindwheel Aster Category Mondstadt Local Specialities
Region Mondstadt
A plant that adores the wind. To the proud children of the wind, or the citizens of Mondstadt, the Windwheel Asters are the “visible winds.”

Usage: Crafting and Ascension

For forging, this Mondstadt local specialty are known as necessary material for Wind Catcher (gadget used to save wind current) :

Gadget Wind CatcherWind Catcher

As for ascension, this Mondstadt local specialty are known material for these following characters:

Bennett - Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler - Genshin Impact Geo Traveler - Genshin Impact Sucrose - Genshin Impact

Farming Tips

Having character with passive to show local specialities in mini map will helps a lot in your search of this Mondstadt local specialty. In Mondstadt, Klee is the only character with this passive:

Character Klee
Klee Talent - All Of My Treasures!All Of My Treasures! Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map.

Where to Find Windwheel Aster in Mondstadt?

Buy From Flora, Floral Whisper Owner in Mondstadt

The first source of this flower is Flora Floral Whisper in Mondstadt. Check her wares and you can find some flowers including Windwheel Aster. Other than this flower, she also sell 3 Mondstadt specialty flowers: Cecilia, Small Lamp Grass, and Calla Lily.

Flora From Floral Whisper In Mondstadt Selling Windwheel Aster
Flora From Floral Whisper Wares in Mondstadt

Farming Location Map 1: Windrise

Windrise area, specifically area near Anemo Statue are full with Windwheel Aster. You can choose any route with this map since the flowers are located pretty close to each other.

WIndwheel Aster Farming Location Map 1 Windrise
Farming Location Map 1: Windrise

Farming Location Map 2: Dawn Winery

Second location is Anemo Statue west of Dawn Winery. This spot only have few Winwheel Aster, but since the flowers are right in front of statue, I’ll just include it here for easy farming option.

WIndwheel Aster Farming Location Map 2 Anemo Statue West Of Dawn Winery
Farming Location Map 2: Anemo Statue West Of Dawn Winery

Farming Location Map 3: Stormterror Lair

Last location which have the most Windwheel Aster in Mondstadt is Stormterror. The flowers literally scattered all over the map. You can start from any teleport waypoint and follow the icon of Windwheel Aster in the map below.

WIndwheel Aster Farming Location Map 3 Stromterror Lair
Farming Location Map 3: Stromterror Lair