Fragile Bone Shard

Material Item Fragile Bone ShardFragile Bone ShardCategoryMaterial

Item Description

A bone shard once carried by a Geovishap Hatchling. Although they are quite fragile, they seem to still harbor some indescribable power.

Usage: Weapon Ascension

This material are used widely for weapon ascension or upgrade material. Here’s all weapon using Fragile Bone Shard as ascension material:

 Bow Compound BowCompound BowCatalyst Memory Of DustMemory Of DustCatalyst Mappa MareMappa MareClaymore Prototype ArchaicPrototype ArchaicClaymore Serpent SpineSerpent SpineClaymore Skyrider GreatswordSkyrider Greatsword 
 Polearm Vortex VanquisherVortex VanquisherWeapon Lithic SpearLithic SpearPolearm Prototype StarglitterPrototype StarglitterPolearm Black TasselBlack TasselSword Iron StingIron StingSword Skyrider SwordSkyrider Sword 

Where to Get Fragile Bone Shard?

This ascension material can be obtained by defeating Geovishap and Geovishap Hatchling.