Guide to Transience

Guide to Transience
Guide to Transience
CategoryTalent Level Up Material
Rarity3 Star

In Game Description

Transience is the dream of the nation of thunder.

We find the greatest joys in mortal life in transient dreams, for is life itself not like the shadow of the thunder? Pursue your dreams into the clouds if you wish, and enjoy the unexpected silence of the dim lamp-lit nights.

Where to Get Guide to Transience?

Domain: Violet Court in Inazuma

Guide to Transience can be farmed from Violet Court domain in Inazuma every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Ley line disorder in Violet Court gives 25% Electro DMG Bonus for all characters in the party so it’s recommended to bring electro based character to this domain.

Violet Court Domain Location In Inazuma
Violet Court Domain Location In Inazuma


Material Teachings of Transience3x Teachings of Transience175


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