Molten Moment

Molten Moment
Molten Moment
CategoryTalent Level Up
Rarity5 Star Rarity

Item Description

A certain deformed fragment containing great might. You obtained this from defeating Signora, who unleashed her original power.

“I had a long, long dream.
“I dreamed that you and I met again in the pure white world that we created.
“But I woke up at last, having long been consumed by the raging flames, while you had long returned to the earth along with that poisoned blood.
“But none of it matters anymore. I must continue forging ahead. I must incinerate everything behind me. I must believe in that pure, spotless, everlasting realm that he spoke of — that I saw in the ‘delusion’ he let me see, at the end of the horizon of Her Majesty’s dreams.”


This material are used for leveling up character talents and skills. Specifically for talents and skill higher than level 6.

Where to Get Molten Moment?

Tenshukaku Domain Location in Inazuma
Tenshukaku Domain Location in Inazuma

This talent up material is obtainable from Narukami Island: Tenshukaku Weekly challenge level 70 and higher. That’s around Adventure Level 40+.

Molten Moment Characters?

Molten Moment is used to level talents for the following characters:

Aloy Character Thumb
Gorou Character Thumb
Characters Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun