Northlander Sword Billet

Prototype Northlander Sword Billet
Northlander Sword Billet
Item TypeMaterial
UsageForging Material
Rarity4 Star

Item Description

Weapon forging material. Can be used to forge 4-star swords. Philosophers believe marble has the potential to be sculpted into a beautiful statue. Likewise, these billets have the potential to become something greater.

Usage: Weapon Forging

Previously known as Northlander Sword Prototype, this prototype material are used to forge 2 craftable weapon:

Sword Amenoma KageuchiAmenoma KageuchiSword Iron StingIron StingSword Prototype RancourPrototype Rancour

Where to Get Northlander Sword Billet?

Buy from Marjorie, With Winds Comes Glory Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt

Marjorie from With Winds Comes Glory Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt selling some early weapon upgrade material and Northlander Sword Billet. This sword prototype can be purchased with 225 anemo sigil which can be collected during player journey across Mondstadt.

Marjorie Location In Mondstadt
Marjorie Location in Mondstadt
Marjorie Wares Including Northlander Sword Billet
Marjorie Wares Including Northlander Sword Billet

Reach Sacred Sakura Favor Level 4 in Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma

Another guaranteed way just comes up with Inazuma release. Reach level 4 in Sacred Sakura Favor and player will obtain some rewards including Northlander Sword Billet.

Obtain Prototype Sword Billet From Sacred Sakura Favor Level 4 In Inazuma
Obtain Prototype Sword Billet from Sacred Sakura Favor Level 4 in Inazuma

Finish Farmer Treasure Quest

In the end of this quest, player will be rewarded with Saimon Heirloom Blade Diagram (Amenoma Kageuchi blueprint) along with 1 sword billet. More information read: The Farmers Treasure

Dropped From Weekly Bosses

Northlander Sword Billet also have a chance to drop from weekly boss fight.

Weekly Boss Stormterror DvalinStormterror DvalinWeekly Boss Andrius Wolf Of NorthAndrius Wolf of NorthWeekly Boss ChildeChildeWeekly Boss AzhdahaAzhdaha