Staff of the Scarlet Sands

Rarity5 Star Rarity
How to getLimited Time Wish
Base Attack44
SubstatsCRIT Rate
PassiveHeat Haze at Horizon’s End
Staff of the Scarlet Sands 1
Staff of the Scarlet Sands

The equipping character gains 52/65/78/91/104% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. When an Elemental Skill hits opponents, the Dream of the Scarlet Sands effect will be gained for 10s: The equipping character will gain 28/35/42/49/56% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. Max 3 stacks.

In Game Description

One of a paired set of scepters fashioned from obsidian. Legend has it that these staves grant the right to lead the people of the desert, but no retainer now lives who can verify the proper appearance of these regalia.

How to Get Staff of the Scarlet Sands?

Obtainable from limited wish event. First banner is during Genshin Impact 3.1 along with Cyno banner.

Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material required to upgrade Staff of the Scarlet Sands:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 2010.000Moon Weapon Materials 1x5Chaos Storagex5Fungal Sporesx3
Level 4020.000Moon Weapon Materials 2x5Chaos Storagex18Fungal Sporesx12
Level 5040.000Moon Weapon Materials 2x9Chaos Modulex9Luminescent Pollenx9
Level 6045.000Moon Weapon Materials 3x5Chaos Modulex18Luminescent Pollenx14
Level 7055.000Moon Weapon Materials 3x9Chaos Boltx14Crystalline Cyst Dustx9
Level 8065.000Moon Weapon Materials 4x6Chaos Boltx27Crystalline Cyst Dustx18