Pay Your Respects – 6 Simple Tomb Locations

During your exploration in Yashiori Island, you might find some gravestone marked as simple tomb. There’s 6 simple tomb scattered across Yashiori Island and paying respect to all tombs will give you achievement: They Shall Not Grow Old.

Before heading out to find all this tomb you will need 6 Dendrobium, 1 for every tomb. Make sure you have enough before paying respect to all 6 gravestones.

Here’s locations of all simple tomb in Yashiori Island

All 6 Simple Tomb Locations in Yashiori Island
All 6 Simple Tomb Locations in Yashiori Island

#1 Simple Tomb – Nagano Shigehide and Ohatsu

At the small island south of the western Nazuchi Beach Teleport Waypoint. You can find old man Utsumi walking around in the area.

Simple Tomb Nagano Shigehide and Ohatsu
Simple Tomb – Nagano Shigehide and Ohatsu

Nagano Shigehide and Ohatsu

Here lovers did part, and here they did meet again.

#2 Simple Tomb – Maega Gonbei

Southeast of Fort Fujitou teleport waypoint. By the road, underneath the serpent’s spine.

Simple Tomb - Maega Gonbei
Simple Tomb – Maega Gonbei

Maega Gonbei

A crybaby who loved to listen to the ducks call at night.

#3 Simple Tomb – Akino Hideki

West of Higi Village. At the beach at the bottom of the cliff, hidden behind a shrub.

Simple Tomb - Akino Hideki
Simple Tomb – Akino Hideki

Akino Hideki

Please forgive Daddy.

#4 Simple Tomb – Katsuma Ichirou

Head to teleport waypoint next to the Maguu Kenki then head down one level, you will find the tomb behind shrubs.

Simple Tomb - Katsuma Ichirou
Simple Tomb – Katsuma Ichirou

Katsuma Ichirou

Like dew fallen, like fog swept away, are the joys and sorrows of life, come and gone like a dream.

#5 Simple Tomb – Kikuchiyo

Located underground, require to unlock the by solving electro seelie puzzle in Serpent Head.

5 Simple Tomb Kikuchiyo
Simple Tomb – Kikuchiyo


Eternal fisher-maid, eternal samurai.

#6 Simple Tomb – Wada Nobutake

Small island south of Jakotsu Mine. Fastest way would be teleporting to Formation Estate, run south, then glide to the island.

Simple Tomb - Wada Nobutake
Simple Tomb – Wada Nobutake

Wada Nobutake

Do not stand at my grave and weep. Death in battle is not glory, it is the failure to live on.