Bamboo Segment

Housing Bamboo SegmentBamboo Segment Item Type Housing System Material
Rarity Stars
Source Bamboo


Segments of bamboo that are light and far stronger than their humble appearance might suggest. It lets off a light fragrance. Can be used to create furnishings.

Where to Obtain Bamboo Segment in Genshin Impact?

This material can be obtained by cutting down Bamboo which can be found in South of Xingce Village. Same location where you can found Bamboo Shoot for cooking.

You can choose to start from any location, choose the closest teleport waypoint so you won’t need to sprint too far to your destined location.

Bamboo Locations In Xingce Village
Bamboo Locations in Xingce Village
Bamboo Segment Farming Locations In Xingce Village
Bamboo Segment Farming Locations in Xingce Village

Tips to Harvest Wood in Genshin Impact

Harvesting wood in Genshin Impact is easy, all you need to do is strike the tree with your weapon and some piece of material will dropped from it. After the tree didn’t drop any materials anymore, you can just continue harvesting the other tree.

It’s recommended to use claymore user in this place. The attack may slower but with HOLD attack, you can hit and farm multiple bamboos with one charged attack.