Serenitea Pot

The hosing system with official name Serenitea Pot feature just released today along with genshin Impact 1.5 Update. This feature allow traveler to have their own space inside serenitea pot where traveler can build and customize their own realm.

Requirements to Unlock Serenitea Pot

  • Adventurer Level 35 or higher.
  • Finish Liyue Quest: “A New Star Approaches”
  • Finish quest: Teapot to Call Home

Choosing Realm Layout

After finishing quest, player will receive serenitea pot from Madam Ping in form of gadget.

Go to Inventory > Gadgets and select the item to place it. After that, choose Enter the Serenitea Pot and traveler will be transferred to the realm within.

If it’s traveler first time to enter Serenitea Pot, traveler will have to choose between 3 realm layouts: Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, and Cool Isle. In screenshot below, I already choose Emerald Peak.

3 Realm Layout Choice
3 Realm Layout Choice

Later, one more realm layout will be added. Named Silken Coourtyard, this realm layout have Inazuma style and can be unlocked by reaching Sacred Sakura Favor level 40 in Inazuma.

4 Realm Layout Choice
4 Realm Layout Choice

All Features Available Inside The Realm

Inside the realm, player can place building, furnitures, plants/trees, animals, decorations, geological features, etc.

Main building already available and in the beginning player will have basic tutorial about how to place building and furnitures from Tubby The Teapot Spirit.

Tubby The Teapot Spirit Inside Realm Within
Tubby The Teapot Spirit Inside Realm Within

In the dialogue with Tubby, player can find all features available for housing system starting from Trust Rank, Switch Realm Style, Create Furnishing, and Realm Depot.

Trust Rank

Trust Rank In Serenitea Pot
Trust Rank: Creating new furnishings can make the teapot spirit trust you more

Trust Rank is level system inside the realm, more rewards and features will be unlocked when player trust rank increased. So how to increase Trust Rank? Player have to craft some furnishing and for first time doing so, player will be rewarded with Trust EXP.

There’s 3 tier of furnishing available, different tier will gain different Trust EXP:

Furnishing TierCrafting TimeTrust EXP
Green12 hours30 Trust
Blue14 hours60 Trust
Purple16 hours90 Trust

By increasing your Trust Rank player will get new blueprints as reward, and then player can craft furnishing with new blueprints and so on. The higher Trust Rank will also affect Realm Currency accumulation rate and Jar of Riches Storage Capacity.

Jar Of Riches And Realm Currency
Jar of Riches and Realm Currency
LevelAdeptal Energy NeededRealm Currency Accumulation
Humble Abode20008/hour
Queen -Size450016/hour
Fit for a King20.00030/hour

Switch Realm Style

4 Realm Layout Choice
4 Realm Layout Choice

Other realm style can be acessed after traveler reaching Trust Rank 10

Trust Rank 10 Unlocking Other Realm Layouts
Trust Rank 10 Will Unlock Other Realm Layouts

Create Furnishing

Menu to craft Furnishing with all blueprints you’ve learned. At first player will only have 1 queue slot, other slots will be unlocked at Trust Rank 2, 4, 6, and 9. Waiting time depend on furnishing tier, Green: 12 hours, Blue: 14 hours, Purple: 16 hours.

Furnishing Creation Menu
Furnishing Creation Menu

If you want to skip crafting time, you can use Vial of Adeptal Speed to skip it completely. You can get this item from Realm Depot and by increasing your Trust Rank.

The other way to reduce crafting time is by using help from a friend. Invite friend to your realm and ask them to speak with Tubby and choose improve friendship dialogue. By doing that, your crafting time will be reduced by 4 hours. You should visit your friend and doing the same.

Help A Friend To Speed Up Their Crafting Time
Help a Friend To Speed Up Their Crafting Time

Realm Depot

Realm Depot Serenitea Pot
Realm Depot

Realm Depot contains all items available items to buy with realm currency:

  1. Realm Treasures: Some important items such as Transient Resin (trust rank 6), Sanctifying Essence (trust rank 8), and Sanctifying Unction (trust rank 8) which locked by their respective Trust Rank.
  2. Furnishings: A lot of furnishing available to fill your realm, you can also purchase 5 Vial of Adeptal Speed/day here.
  3. Blueprints: More blueprints available for your crafting and increasing your Trust Rank.
  4. Riches of the Realm: More options for unique furnishings for gardening and playing music.

For list of all available item in realm depot, please refer to Realm Depot – All Items For Sale in Serenitea Pot.

Adeptal Mirror

Adeptal Mirror Round 1
Adeptal Mirror Round 1

Series of missions, works just like Adventurer Handbook. Complete the mission every round to get rewards such as furnishings and furnishing blueprints. Please refer to Adeptal Mirror for more details.

Crafting and Gathering Material

Here’s all materials used for furnitures crafting:

Material Fabric
Material Blue Dye
Blue Dye
Material Red Dye
Red Dye
Material Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Housing Bamboo Segment
Bamboo Segment
Housing Birch Wood
Birch Wood
Housing Cuihua Wood
Cuihua Wood
Housing Fir Wood
Fir Wood
Housing Fragrant Cedar Wood
Fragrant Cedar Wood
Housing Pine Wood
Pine Wood
Housing Sandbearer Wood
Sandbearer Wood
Housing Aralia Wood
Aralia Wood
Maple Wood
Maple Wood
Housing Otogi Wood
Otogi Wood
Housing Yumemiru Wood
Yumemiru Wood
Ore Iron Chunk
Iron Chunk
Ore White Iron Chunk
White Iron Chunk

Traveling Salesman and NPC Furniture Shops

Chubby The Traveling Salesman
Chubby The Traveling Salesman

There’s 2 NPC who sells some furniture blueprints in Mondstadt and Liyue. Every Friday, Chubby The Traveling Salesman will also visit your realm and sell some items.

Gardening System

Gadget Seed Dispensary
Seed Dispensary gadget to gather seeds from the wild

It’s new system released with Genshin Impact 2.0. This feature allow player to do gardening in their serenitea pot by using field furnishing from realm depot and seed gathered using Seed Dispensary Gadget. Require to finish The Art of Horticulture world quest.