Cargo Transfer Station

Furnishing Set Cargo Transfer Station
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryOutdoor Sets
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy180


A transit point for moving goods from place to place. Beside the piled-high cargo crates and wooden barrels are drinks prepared for the workers.

Though common bottles and jugs are quite sturdy nowadays, they will still break easily if squashed under a very heavy object. Thus, the workers have always hoped that their foreman might get a cupboard of some sort, rather than leave the bottles on the ground.

List of Furnishings

Furnishing Hardened Glazed Vase
2x Hardened Glazed Vase
Messy Pile of Fir Crates
1x Messy Pile of Fir Crates
Neat Stack of Fir Kegs
1x Neat Stack of Fir Kegs
Crude Double-Decker Pallet
1x Crude Double-Decker Pallet

Where to Get Cargo Transfer Station Outdoor Sets?

Blueprint of this furnishing set can be obtained from Adeptal Mirror Round 4.