Sandbearer Wood

Housing Sandbearer WoodSandbearer Wood Item Type Housing System Material
Rarity Stars
Source Sandbearer Tree


Timber from the Sandbearer Tree. Said to be an exceptionally hardy plant resistant to wind and rain with a long lifespan. Can be used to create furnishings.

Where to Obtain Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact?

This material can be obtained by cutting down Sandbearer Trees which can be found in Minlin and Lisha, Liyue.

Here’s my recommended spot to farm Sandbearer Wood. By farming sandbearer tree in marked location, I got more than 100+ wood.

Sandbearer Tree
Sandbearer Tree
Sandbearer Wood Locations In Liyue
Sandbearer Wood Locations In Liyue

Tips to Harvest Wood in Genshin Impact

Harvesting wood in Genshin Impact is easy, all you need to do is strike the tree with your weapon and some piece of material will dropped from it. After the tree didn’t drop any materials anymore, you can just continue harvesting the other tree.

It’s recommended to use polearm user since polearms have fastest attack speed compared to all other melee weapon.