Skyward Blade

Rarity5 Star Rarity
How to getWish
Base Attack46
SubstatsEnergy Recharge
PassiveSky-Piercer Fang
5Star Skyward Blade
Skyward Blade

Crit Rate increased by 4/5/6/7/8%, Gains Skypiercing Might upon using Elemental Burst: Increases Movement SPD by 10%, increases ATK SPD by 10%, and increases the DMG of Normal and Charged Attack hits by 20/25/30/35/40% for 12s.

In Game Description

The sword of a knight that symbolizes the restored honor of Dvalin. The blessings of the Anemo Archon rest on the fuller of the blade, imbuing the sword with the powers of the sky and the wind.

How to Get Skyward Blade?

Obtainable from gacha.

Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material used to upgrade Skyward Blade:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 2010000Material Boreal Wolf's Milk Toothx5Material Dead Ley Line Branchx5Material Slime Condensatex3
Level 4020.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx5Material Dead Ley Line Branchx18Material Slime Condensatex12
Level 5030.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx9Material Dead Ley Line Leavesx9Material Slime Secretionsx9
Level 6045.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx5Material Dead Ley Line Leavesx18Material Slime Secretionsx14
Level 7055.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx9Material Ley Line Sproutsx14Material Slime Concentratex9
Level 8065.000Material Boreal Wolf's Nostalgiax6Material Ley Line Sproutsx27Material Slime Concentratex18