18 Viewpoint Locations in Inazuma

18 locations of Inazuma viewpoints in Genshin Impact. All screenshots of these viewpoints can be  acessed through Menu –> Archive –> Geography –> switch dropdown to Inazuma.

Ritou, Narukami Island – Ritou

Located right beside Ritou Port’s teleport waypoint.

Tenryou, Inazuma City – Inazuma City

Teleport to Inazuma City teleport waypoint and then climb the front gate. The waypoint can be found at the left side top of the front gate.

Suburbs, Inazuma City – Inazuma City

Teleport to south teleport waypoint in Byakko Plain and then walk south until you’ve found small shrine. The waypoint can be found at right side of the street.

The Sacred Forest in the Moonlight – Chinju Forest

Teleport to Chinju Forest teleport waypoint, then walk to the small river near teleport waypoint. You can find the waypoint right in front of you, beside small tanuki statue.

Grand Narukami Shrine, Mt. Yougou – Grand Narukami Shrine

Teleport to Grand Narukami Shrine teleport waypoint, you can find the waypoint right beside the teleport waypoint.

Tatara Islands’ Vantage Point – Kannazuka

Teleport to Kujou Encampment teleport waypoint. You can find the viewpoint on your left side.

Front Line, Kannazuka – Kujou Encampment

From Kujou Encampment teleport waypoint, head northwest towards the gate. You can find the viewpoint on your right side after the gate.

Tidal Flat Amidst the Flames of War – Nazuchi Beach

Teleport to Nazuchi beach teleport waypoint and then head west and you will see the waypoint, between rock and samurai enemy.

Rift Valley, Yashiori Island – Musoujin Gorge

Teleport to Momiji-Dyed Court domain and then head north towards Musoujin Gorge.

Overlooking Serpent Head – Serpent’s Head

Teleport to Statue of the Seven at Higi Village then head southwest. You will find the viewpoint at bandit camp with lightning infused sword and huge tree with seal on it.

The Silent Fishing Village – Koseki Village

Teleport to Koseki Village Statue of the Seven then head north.

The Stranded Flagship – “Seiraimaru”

Head to teleport waypoint then walk south, pass the cicin mage and you will find small islet with group of hilichurls. The viewpoint can be found in that small island.

Where Swirling Storm Clouds Gather – Amakumo Peak

Teleport to Koseki Village Statue of the Seven then head north. Keep walking until you spot Fatui Mirror Maiden then swim to the small islet on your right side.

The Pearlescent Palace – Sangonomiya Shrine

Located near teleport waypoint which is most likely the very first waypoint that you will find in Watatsumi Island.

Village of the People of the Deep – Bourou Village

From previous viewpoint, you can walk towards west on your way to Sangonomiya Shrine. You will find the viewpoint right before the village.

The Moon-Bathed Deep – Sangonomiya Shrine

From previous location, glide to the marked location on the map below.

Where the Provisional Head Priestess Lives – Asase Shrine

Head to Asase Shrine teleport waypoint in Seirai Island and go to marked spot. Take a note that this viewpoint will only appear after player finishing “Neko is Cat” quest from Neko in Asase Shrine.

Tsurumi Island – Tsurumi Island

Head to closest teleport waypoint in the map and then go to the middle of Mt Kanna (hollowed part where you fight Kapatchir). Will only appear after finishing “Through the Mists” quest in Tsurumi Island.

If you need more detailed map, please refer to Mihoyo Interractive Map.