10 Viewpoint Locations in Mondstadt

10 locations of Mondstadt viewpoints in Genshin Impact. All screenshots of these viewpoints can be  acessed through Menu –> Archive –> Geography –> switch dropdown to Mondstadt.

The City of Wind – Mondstadt

Can be found at the cliff in Whispering Woods, overlooking Whispering Woods and Mondstadt.

The City of Wind MapThe City of Wind Viewpoint

The Marsh of Celestial Guardian – Starfell Lake

Fastest way to reach the location would be from Midsummer Courtyard (Thundering Fury domain)

The Marsh of Celestial Guardians MapThe Marsh of Celestial Guardians Viewpoint

Windswept Wilderness – Windrest

Can be reached easily from Mondstadt or other closer teleport waypoint.

Windswept Wilderness MapWindswept Wilderness Viewpoint

Land of Clear Springs – Springvale

Head to Springvale teleport waypoint, then climb to the location, near fishing point.

Land of Clear Springs MapLand of Clear Springs Viewpoint

Manor of Daybreak – Dawn Winery

You can start by heading to Statue of the Seven or teleport waypoint south of Andrius arena, then make your way to the location.

Manor of Daybreak Old MapManor of Daybreak Old Viewpoint

Favonius Cathedral – Mondstadt

Can be found right after entering cathedral, can’t miss it.

Favonius Cathedral MapFavonius Cathedral Viewpoint

Knights of Favonius Library – Mondstadt

Can be found near Lisa office, you might already find this place during her story quest.

Knights of Favonius Library MapKnights of Favonius Library Viewpoint

Ancient Thousand Winds Temple – Thousand Winds Temple

It’s quite far from any teleport waypoint. Can be found at the corner of Thousand Winds Temple, beware of Ruin Guard guarding this area.

Ancient Thousand Winds Temple MapAncient Thousand Winds Temple Viewpoint

Forgotten Sword Cemetery – Dadaupa Gorge

Head to Dadaupa Gorge teleport waypoint then glide down to marked location, right before small lake.

Forgotten Sword Cemetery MapForgotten Sword Cemetery Viewpoint

Abandoned Capital of Howling Winds – Stormterror Lair

Reach this place by teleporting to Brightcrown Canyon teleport waypoint then walk straight to marked location.

Abandoned Capital of Howling Winds MapAbandoned Capital of Howling Winds Viewpoint