10 Viewpoint Locations in Mondstadt

10 locations of Mondstadt viewpoints in Genshin Impact. All screenshots of these viewpoints can be  acessed through Menu –> Archive –> Geography –> switch dropdown to Mondstadt.

The City of Wind – Mondstadt Viewpoint

Can be found at the cliff in Whispering Woods, overlooking Whispering Woods and Mondstadt.

The Marsh of Celestial Guardian – Starfell Lake

Fastest way to reach the location would be from Midsummer Courtyard (Thundering Fury domain)

Windswept Wilderness – Windrest

Can be reached easily from Mondstadt or other closer teleport waypoint.

Land of Clear Springs – Springvale

Head to Springvale teleport waypoint, then climb to the location, near fishing point.

Manor of Daybreak – Dawn Winery

You can start by heading to Statue of the Seven or teleport waypoint south of Andrius arena, then make your way to the location.

Favonius Cathedral – Mondstadt

Can be found right after entering cathedral, can’t miss it.

Knights of Favonius Library – Mondstadt

Can be found near Lisa office, you might already find this place during her story quest.

Ancient Thousand Winds Temple – Thousand Winds Temple

It’s quite far from any teleport waypoint. Can be found at the corner of Thousand Winds Temple, beware of Ruin Guard guarding this area.

Forgotten Sword Cemetery – Dadaupa Gorge

Head to Dadaupa Gorge teleport waypoint then glide down to marked location, right before small lake.

Abandoned Capital of Howling Winds – Stormterror Lair

Reach this place by teleporting to Brightcrown Canyon teleport waypoint then walk straight to marked location.