Husk of Opulent Dreams

Husk of Opulent Dreams
Husk of Opulent Dreams
Equipment TypeArtifacts
Rarity4 Star/5 Star Rarity
Where to get/ Location

Husk of Opulent Dreams is artifact set that will be available in the future. This artifact set bonus revolves around DEF increase and granting character with more bonus for DEF and Geo DMG.

Artifacts will give stats boost with all 5 pieces which every piece will have different stats. Character that equip 2 or 4 set artifacts will have set bonus for that artifacts.

Max level upgrade for artifact depend on rarity. 4 star artifact can be upgraded up to +16 and 5 star artifact can be upgraded up to +20. As for how to increase artifacts in genshin impact, you can upgrade it using “fodder” or any unused artifacts from lowest rarity to highest rarity.

Of course, higher rarity will give more exp than lower one.

Husk of Opulent Dreams Set Bonus

Here’s 2 set and 4 set bonus of Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Set. Remember, using 4 set isn’t a must. Depend on character and your build, you can combine 2 set of this artifact with 2 set of other artifact.

  • (2) DEF +30%.
  • (4) The on-field character’s Geo damage grants +6% DEF and +6% Geo damage, up to one stack every 0.3s, for a maximum of 4 stacks. When off-field, one stack is gained per 3s. When new stacks are not gained, the buff loses one stack every 6s.

5 Pieces of Artifacts

SlotPiecesAvailable Main Stats
Flower of LifeHusk of Opulent Dreams Flower of LifeHP
Plume of DeathHusk of Opulent Dreams Plume of DeathATK
Sands of EonHusk of Opulent Dreams Sands of EonHP%, DEF%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge%
Goblet of EonothemHusk of Opulent Dreams Goblet of EonothemHP%, DEF%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Elemental DMG Bonus%, Physical DMG Bonus%
Circlet of LogosHusk of Opulent Dreams Circlet of LogosHP%, DEF%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Healing Bonus