Adeptus Temptation

Dish TypeATK Boosting Dishes
Rarity5 Star Rarity
Adeptus Temptation
Adeptus Temptation

In Game Description

A complex, famous type of Liyue cuisine, in which specially selected ingredients are submerged and slowly bowled into soup stock. The recipe scribbled from memory alone was enough to urge the adepti to once again return to the world of men.


Depending on the quality (Suspicious/Normal/Delicious), this dish increases the party’s Attack by 260/316/372 and Critical Rate by 8/10/12% for 300 seconds.

Just like any other food, consuming this dish will only effect your own character or party. This dish won’t have any effect for other players in Co-Op mode.

Adeptus Temptation Recipe Location?

The recipe for Adeptus Temptation can be obtained by opening a chest on the floating island above Qingyun Peak (3 Divine Bird Statue quest).

Look at the map below, red circle is the monument. You need to rotate 3 statue in location number 1, 2, and 3 to face the monument.

When all 3 statue facing the monument, stairs to floating island where you can get the recipe will appear.

3 Divine Bird Quest Location
3 Divine Bird Quest Location


Here’s all ingredients you need to cook Adeptus Temptation

Ham4x HamCrab3x CrabShrimp Meat3x Shrimp MeatMatsutake3x Matsutake